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Ashdod Imbalance Surcharge

Zim News - Wed, 03/07/2018 - 12:54

​In order to maintain our high service levels and schedule reliability, and in view of the ongoing operational and logistical challenges in the port of Ashdod, ZIM has decided to implement an Ashdod Imbalance Surcharge on all the Import to Ashdod, as follows: 


  • $50 per TEU for cargo from America and Asia
  • $50 per Container for cargo from Europe and MED

Effective date: March 15th * 

Our customer service team is at your disposal for any inquiry.  

For ZIM rates please view ZIM tariff tool at: http://www.zim.com/knowledgecenter/tools/pages/tariff-calculator.aspx


*except for US trades, which will be announced separately.

*Excluding Russian trades. For information regarding Russian trades please contact our customer service.

New Service CTI Announcement

Zim News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 08:38

​Dear Valued Customer,
We are pleased to announce that we will have new service calling Kaohsiung to serve Indonesia base ports ( Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya) to Taiwan market, our customer will have a better solution for Indonesia to Taiwan import
Effective voyage: M/V NAJADE 054S/N (ETD Jakarta 20/Mar, ETA Kaohsiung 29/Mar). Details are as follows.

Port Rotation
Shanghai(Sat/Sun) - Ningbo(Sun/Mon) - Shekou(Wed/Wed) - Jakarta (Mon/Tue) - Semarang(Wed/Wed) - Surabaya(Thu/Fri) - Kaohsiung(Thu/Thu) - Shanghai(Sat/Sun)


首航: M/V NAJADE 054S/N (ETD Jakarta 20/Mar, ETA Kaohsiung 29/Mar). Details are as follows.

Shanghai(Sat/Sun) - Ningbo(Sun/Mon) - Shekou(Wed/Wed) - Jakarta (Mon/Tue) - Semarang(Wed/Wed) - Surabaya(Thu/Fri) - Kaohsiung(Thu/Thu) - Shanghai(Sat/Sun)

BL fee and DO fee adjustment

Zim News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 07:55

​Due to various materials for price adjustment, we are obliged to increase our Bill of Lading fee (export document fee) to be NTD1,800/Bill “ For customer used E-Booking and E-SI the export document fee to be adjust to NTD1,500/Bill” with effective from April 01,2018.

Sea way remain no change for NTD2100 “ For customer used E-Booking and E-SI the Sea Waybill document fee to be adjust to NTD1,800/Bill” Delivery Order fee (import document fee) to be NTD1,800/Bill also with effective from April 01, 2018.


自今年(2018) 4月01日起, 本公司所有航線的出口提單費(B/L fee),
出口快速提單(SEA WAY B/L FEE) 維持為新台幣2,100元,

進口小提單費(D/O fee). 收費標準調整為新台幣1,800元.

Rotterdam ECT Terminals congestion surcharge

Zim News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 19:19
Dear ZIM customer,    Please be advised that a Congestion Surcharge of Euro 35 per for all cargo transshipped via Rotterdam will be in force effective March 5th.   The surcharge is being imposed in order to maintain our level of service to our customers due to the increase of feeding rates announced by our feeder operators, as a result of costs incurred by delays in the port of Rotterdam.   Our customer service team is at your disposal for any inquiry.   

For ZIM rates please view ZIM tariff tool at:   



ZIM Appoints a Chief Digital Officer

Zim News - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:49

ZIM announced today that it has appointed Mr. Liav Geffen as Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
This new position, part of ZIM’s Sales & Customer Service directorate headed by VP Sales and Customer Service, Mr. Saar Dotan, will enhance ZIM’s strategy to become a digital leader in the shipping industry.

Mr. Geffen holds a law degree and a Business MBA. Over the last eight years he was VP Marketing of Harel Group. Geffen has a proven track record of leading digital transformations and fostering the use of data, analytics and digital engagement with customers.

ZIM President & CEO Eli Glickman said: “The new Digital Unit in ZIM will drive the digital transformation the company has already embarked upon. We intend to foster innovation and technology across the board, impacting every aspect of our operations. Our vision is to combine top-notch technological solutions with a personal and dedicated service to our customers.”

Improving ZIM’s Greece Turkey Service (TGX)

Zim News - Tue, 12/26/2017 - 10:02

In order to improve our current service levels and provide customers in the region with the best solutions, the following changes will be introduced starting January 2018.

TGX new rotation: 
Haifa - Ashdod – Iskenderun - Antalya - Istanbul Ambarli - Izmit - Gemlik - Istanbul Ambarli - Piraeus - Izmir - Haifa

  • Iskenderun port is added to TGX rotation 
  • Thessaloniki cargo will now be served by our mainliner ZMP service, via Istanbul to Haifa, with a total transit time of 7 days and much improved schedule reliability
  • Transit time from Piraeus to Israel will be shortened to 4 days (instead of current 11 days)

The change is implemented as part of ZIM’s strategy to create synergy with our mainliners through fast connections in Turkish ports. The new rotation is also aimed to overcome congestion problems in Thessaloniki and better serve the Greek market.

The change is part of our ongoing efforts to expand our coverage in the region and improve overall service levels to customers.   

Intermodal Trucking Situation in the US

Zim News - Wed, 12/13/2017 - 09:21

ZIM , along with the shipping industry, has enjoyed a ready supply of trucking services for the last 2 years. We are now faced with increased challenges to the trucking community, predicted to have a major industry impact:

  • The supply of drivers is shrinking, as retirees are not being replaced on an equal basis.
  • Electronic Logging Devices, mandated to be in effect as of Dec 18, 2018. This is expected to impact productivity, as it will more effectively limit drivers to Federally mandated hours of service driving regulations.
  • Truck capacity for hazardous cargoes - less drivers are obtaining hazardous certificates, as they lose productivity when stopped for paperwork examinations.
  • Volume increases which are straining the entire supply chain infrastructure - in addition to the impact on trucking capacity, it also brings congestion at terminals and rail ramps. We have seen this most recently in SAV, where record volumes through the port are causing delays for local, over the road, as well as rail activity.
  • Rail free time is already very limited, and many of the major ramps are subject to intermittent delays.

We expect all of the above factors to contribute to increasing truck costs across the US, will lead to storage fees at Terminals and Rail Ramps, and may cause dry runs and congestion charges.

ZIM is taking the necessary measures to avoid disruptions and insure continuous service availability. We would also advise our customers to take some preventives steps, as much as reasonably possible:

  • Make sure delivery orders are provided as early as possible, preferably before vessel arrival. This is critical information.
  • Clear rail imports at the port of discharge, rather than at the inland ramp location.
  • Ensure that all hazardous paperwork is accurate and timely received.
  • When possible, expand receiving windows to include after hours. This will alleviate delays at Terminals and Ramps, which generally peak between 8am – 4 pm.
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