UPDATE! There is no import duty imposed on vehicles in Cyprus from UK from now on!

Software for the calculation of the excise duty for vehicles imported into Cyprus

The Department of Customs and Excise, in its effort to facilitate the public, has prepared a software in Excel which you can use on your own so as to calculate the excise duty (not the import duty) applicable to a certain vehicle. Enter the particulars required by the software and you will have the payable amount of excise duty. Please be advised that this software is provided to the public for informational purposes only.

It should be noted that for such motor vehicles that up to the 9th September 2013 were already transferred or imported to Cyprus but have not yet been released for free circulation and/or consumption, or were delivered under relief from excise duty under any law, or the excise duty was refunded, or were delivered free of excise duty for temporary use, the amount of excise duty will be charged on the lower amount calculated according to the previous Law 91(I)/2004 up to (No. 3) of 2013 or the new amending law (No. 4) no. 110(I)/2013.

The same treatment shall enjoy motor vehicles that have been shipped on a vessel destined for any legitimate port of Cyprus, up to the 9th September 2013.

For comparison purposes you may use the previous versions of the calculator files for Excise Duties in accordance to the previous Law 91(I)/2004 up to (No. 3) of 2013.

Note: The Excise Duty rates for motorcycles remain unchanged.

Please select the program that refers to the vehicle type of your interest (passenger car, double cabin or van, motorcycle):