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E-commerce Purchases from UK

Ship items from UK online stores (for example Amazon) that will not ship to Cyprus!

Sometimes you find an item to buy online but the UK website can't ship it to Cyprus.

We will supply you with an address and telephone number to add in the check out process.

Items will be shipped to our partners in the UK and it will be forwarded to you in Cyprus.

You can consolidate a lot of items together and buy from online supermarkets, clothing, electronics etc.

Please contact us for a quotation or register directly to Forward2me.


Get a UK Address

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Shop in the UK

Buy from any UK shop or ebay seller whether or not they ship abroad. Enjoy access to UK products at UK prices.


Delivery to Cyprus


Have your goods delivered to your unique forward2me address and we will forward them on to you in Cyprus!

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Forward2me Cyprus Parcel Forwarding

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